Tuesday, March 2, 2010

anshu - अंशु

  • meaning =ray of light; brilliance; particle; end of a thread; 
  • details = 'ansh' (अंश) means a part, to distribute, so rays are as if the source of light is divided into small parts! as if the sun is divided into billions-trillions-gazillion parts every second and 
  • pronunciation =anshu
  • ITRANS =aMshu
  • common english spelling =anshu
  • gender =m
  • variations of names =
    1. anshul (m) = अंशुल = brilliant. [anshulaH = chANakya]
    2. anshumAn (m) = अंशुमान =  full of rays, the sun. also name of asmanjasa's son, sagara's grandson and father of dileepa (all from raghu kula, ancestors of lord rAma)
    3. anshumAlA (f) = अंशुमाला =  aura of light, garland, manDala of brilliant rays
    4. anshumAlI (m) = अंशुमाली = sun
  • famous names =anshumAn gAyakawAd (former cricket player)

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- shashikant joshi
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