Tuesday, March 2, 2010


starting the blog with this auspicious name!

  • meaning = om needs no introduction. it is the primordial sound. audio representation of the supreme divine. entire books can be written on this. it is the formless, para-brahma in which all forms (even brahmA, viShNu, shiva) merge.
  • pronunciation = om
  • ITRANS = om
  • common english spelling = om, aum
  • gender = both 
  • variations of names =
    1. Omprakash (masc.) = ओमप्रकाश = om-prakAsha = light of om 
    2. Onkar/Omkar (fem.) = ओंकार = omkAra = sound of om
  • famous names = om puri (actor), omprakash (actor), hari om sharan (devotional singer)

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- shashikant joshi
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